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Fact is you have a 5 year old computer. In those 5 years have you ever cleaned it out? Like cleaniing out the dust that accumulates in and around the fans?
Have you ever re-installed the operating system. Every computer collects junk files over time. Some of them may be causing the computer to run harder then it would with a clean/fresh install of the OS.

I suspect the your major problem is the system is working very hard driving that big screen TV along with it not breathing very well from the years of dust collected in and around the fans. And that the hard drive in the system, at 5 years old, is at it's End Of Life point (that is if you have never changed it out for a new hard drive). All those factors put together and that is what is causing the Kernel Panics.

First thing to do is clean the dust out. Some compressed air will do it but it would be better to take it apart, take the bottom off, so you can actually get to the fans and the radiators and do a thorough job of it.

Next, if you are up for it, ir to wipe the drive, After you have saved all your personal files, and re-install the OS clean then all the programs you now use, leaving out all the ones that you don't use any more.
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