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First time posting in Macforums, but have noticed that every time I google a problem with my macbook, this website is where I always find the answer. Couldn't find an aswer to this issue when googling, so thought I'd register & c if anyof Mac-geniuses here might be able to help.

I've had my macbook for almost 5 years, first Mac I ever purchased, and have told EVERYBODY since then how I've never had one single problem with it, virus, or anything. My desktop PC would crash about every 6 months prior to getting my Macbook & the employee at Best Buy talked me into getting a Mac. I've been EXTREMELY satisified in every way with it until now.

I finally bought a mini-dvi to hdmi cord to hook up my 70' Sony Bravia as a secondary display, but ever since hooking it up I'm getting constant kernel panics where I'm forced to restart my computer. This happens atleast 10 times a day and sometimes as much as every 10 minutes. It's not the TV as I have the same problem connecting to my 44' Philips TV. Is there any fix to this? Or am I just constrained to only using the Macbook screen connected to my laptop? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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