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So i though that i would give this forum a shot.

Previous to my Mac recently having all hardware serviced, it began booting incredibly slowly ( up to 10 minutes ) 1) to a grey screen 2) then screen off 3) to a dark blue screen 4) to a light blue screen and finally 5) to my desktop back ground. This whole process can take up to 10-12 minutes all with the absence of any 'start-up chime' of loading symbol ...

Along with this problem, whilst awake and running, my computer is generally sluggish and performs to a low standard. Its very surprising due to the fact that my computer is a 2011 model and I have had it for just over 1 year.

The recent work involved a cleaning of the interior of the computer along with replacement keyboard and PSU adaptor.

Having read a lot of other forum posts I have gathered that I might need to restart my computer with the original instillation disk inserted and perform some type of repair. However my original disk is about 200 miles away form my current location. I was wondering if I can perform any repair or further troubleshooting without it ... ?

I am pretty computer illiterate when it comes to programming so be kind in reply, nevertheless any feedback would be much appreciated as this computer is becoming an infuriating factor of my life haha.

Thanks again.
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