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Like you, I did an install of Lion to my MacBook Pro, and went to dinner. When I returned to my desk, the seamless installation was complete, but my files were all messed up. Even worse, Finder wouldn't work at all--I could SEE Finder, but if tried to click on it, it vanished. The files I was working on showed up in Word for Mac folders, but their roots were changed by Lion and they were grayed and inaccessible. Work came to an end. All I was trying to do was get my iCloud working optimally.

Ultimately I took my Mac back to Apple and had to leave it overnight. They wiped my hard drive, reinstalled Lion and then I used my Time Machine to restore all of my files. If you have to do what I did, make sure you have a good Time Machine backup before you set out for the Apple store. Also, I learned that Apple will not reinstall your backed up data for you, at least not for free.

In the end, all of my files are intact, and the new OS X 10.7.3 is awesome. I adjusted my finder so that it functions pretty much as it did before, but better. I readjusted my scrolling and track pad features to compromise between before and after Lion. I love Mission Control and Launchpad and the new built-in mail program is much improved, and is one with gmail which suits me fine. All in all I'm happy. Good luck.
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