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Hello there,

While working at a café today, I managed not to notice for a few minutes that a small candle beneath the back of my MacBook Pro 8,1 screen had heated up the caselight and melted a small part of it. I realized what was happening when a slight grey spot appeared in the middle of the screen. Since I'm living in Paris and thus in the absence of the sort of Mac fiends that can be found throughout the San Francisco area (my old home), I have a few questions that I'd be most appreciative for some help with:

(1.) Is the splotch indicative of damage to the screen itself, or would it be more likely that the screen is being pressed against by the damaged part of the caselight, and that this alone is responsible for the splotch?

(2.) If the caselight alone is damaged, can that be purchased and replaced as a discrete part or (as I suspect is more likely) must I buy another shell/metal encasing? What should I pay for either thing if I'm looking to save money?

(3.) If the screen has to be replaced, what should I pay for that (presuming again, that I'm looking for a deal)...?

(4.) Does anyone know how to go about taking care of the above in Paris? I'm not sure that I want to pay European Apple Store prices.

Apologies if I'm going about anything wrong here, and thanks in advance for any advice anyone might have to offer.
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