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Thanks for the reply. The Sony is a clearance (original $1249), and it seems like it out-specs the stock MBP, but I know that specs can be misleading.

In all my research, it seems like "user experience" is the main reason to go with Mac. My husband gave me an iPhone 4 for Mother's Day last year, and I love it on a level I never thought possible for a gadget. Before the iPhone, I probably wouldn't have considered getting a MacBook at all. But, while I'm sure there are dozens of phones that can technically do what my iPhone does, the interface, stability, battery life, and overall pleasure to operate preclude me from considering anything else. iPhone forever! LOL.

I guess I am hoping that someone can tell me that OS X does something inherently different with the way it handles processes and high-demand apps like PhotoShop.

I'm sort of in the "if you have to install Windows on your Mac, what's the point of buying one" camp.
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