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Hi there! I have been laboring over the decision to buy a new laptop for my freelance graphic/web business. I have a circa-2006 VAIO that has been a good one, but it maxes out at 2GB RAM and pre-dates my need for PhotoShop, and so, just can't keep up anymore.

I am either going to buy a new VAIO (W7, i5, 8GB, 500GB, Radeon 1GB GPU, 15.5" 1920x1080 LED) for $600, and step up to the MacBook Pro.

I have been to the Apple store twice, and asked everyone I know who owns a MBP... and though everyone says "Oh, Macs are better for PhotoShop and graphics," no one can actually tell me WHY they are better.

Just wondering, if I genuinely don't care about having a Mac because it's a Mac... WHY is it worth the extra $1,300? I honestly just want the best and most practical solution for my work, and I am willing to pay the price if it's really better.

Main apps used:
PhotoShop CS5
Dreamweaver CS5
PowerPoint (advanced user... exporting to flash for web)

Thanks or any advice/help.
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