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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
When you say rabble I'm guessing you mean the index/settings files.
Rabble was supposed to be Readable as in I verified that after copying the files to the NAS I could option-iTunes and pick THAT library. Worked fine the first time until I added that folder to my PC, when it made the Mac go stupid as in it could no longer find any of the files. After deleting and recopying a second time the Mac claimed it was connected to the NAS copy but "show in finder" kept showing files in the music folder on my mac.

No clue. Need sleep.

Thanks, I'll play again in the AM.

PS: My ratings are important so I'd like to keep that so the smart playlist get sync'ed properly to my iPhone (Preferably from my MBP and not the PC...but that's not a deal breaker.)
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