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I missed this post earlier...sorry.

Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
First thing to know is that there are two parts to a library - The media content and the index/settings files

What you've done is copied the media but not the library index/settings files.
Not true...I copied the entire iTunes folder from the Mac to the NAS.

If you're not bothered about your ratings/playlists etc then make sure that in Edit-Preferences-Advanced you tick 'Keep iTunes Media folder organised' and 'copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library'

Now go to File - add folder to library and point it at the Media folder. It'll index the files and create a new set of library index/settings files.

If you need to keep all the library settings you've created you need to copy the library index/settings files from your Mac to your PC. Here's a link to the location of those files on both Mac and PC.
iTunes: What are the iTunes library files?
I'll take a look at the link thanks
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