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Originally Posted by mrplow View Post
I'd stick with the original idea. Having two machines sync to one set of media files requires third party software to manage additions, deletions and syncing.

Also it doesn't satisfy your need to take parts of the library on the road with you because you'll lose all access to the media files when you leave the local network.
Now I'm confused again...What original idea are you referring to? My plan all along was to have two machines sync to the same set of media files. I've not seen any other way to do what I want.

Back to my issue. I'm about to pull my hair out. I almost had it working (media on NAS, rabble from MBP, added folder to the PC) until I went back to my mac and it couldn't find anything...seems when I added the folder (from there NAS) to my PC library, the library files on the NAS disappeared and the Mac could no longer find them. I deleted everything and tried to start over by recopying the iTunes folder from my mac to the NAS. 2 hours later I tried to connect to that library and it says I am but when I select a song and "show in finder" it points me back to the original folder on my Mac.

I need some serious help here. I've wasted a full day and am no closer to solving this that when I started. Let's restate what I want...somebody please spell out the best way to do this.

1) I need all my media on my home PC that won't go away when I travel from which my wife can stream my iTunes movies
2) I want access to the same media from my MBP when I'm home on which I will sync my iPhone (and hopefully someday an iPad).
3) When I travel, I'd like to copy over just the movies I plan to watch to my MBP.

Is this really this hard? I like to think I'm pretty computer savvy but I'm about to put a bullet through my computer...
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