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Still trying to come to grips on the best way to do this, but not having a clue as to all the issues has left me asking the wrong questions...and therefore getting confusing answers (to me anyway). So I'll try again from a different angle...

So, let's assume for now that an iTunes library will be stored on a NAS (I'm the only one using iTunes or with an Apple account so we'll only have one library which should keep it easy). I was planning to install iTunes on my wife's Win7 PC and then use that NAS library and Home Sharing to connect an Apple TV.

I also have a MBP that I use as my main computer (and iPhone sync) and traveling device. I had planned to use the same NAS library as the PC using home sharing as well (will discuss disconnecting when I travel later), mostly because the library has outgrown my MBP and because my wife can't watch movies if I've taken the library with me.

However, I just read elsewhere that I can't sync my iPhone to a home shared library.
Question: Is that true with the current version of iTunes and iOS?

Question: If I can't use home sharing and instead must connect my MBP directly to the same library (I'd rather not sync my iPhone to the PC), how do I update iTuneson the PC when I buy or rip new material using my MBP or my iOS device? Is it as simple as closing and reopening iTunes on the other computer?

PS: When I travel I don't need music on my MBP but having a movie or two would be nice...the plan is to create a separate library and just copy (import) the movies I plan to watch before I leave. When I get home, I'll just reconnect to the main library.

PPS: If I sync my iPhone to the library on my MBP, is there any advantage to turning on Homesharing on my iPhone?

Thanks in advance!
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