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Guys, please help.

I currently own a MacBook pro, 13 inches. It's been with me since December 2010, so that's about over a year.

It has been working fine for the past year until last Thursday. Whenever I do an action (open a file, open Safari, type in a few words), that dreaded spinning color wheel appears, and stays there for about two minutes before the action is done. This happens a lot; freezes of two minutes every three minutes.

Okay, maybe I've dropped it twice. But it was a long time ago, March-May 2011.

I did notice that it started freezing because I was working on a certain Keynote file. It was for a Chinese presentation, the teacher asked us to put simple-cartoony gifs in the presentation. And that's when it started all the lagging. Can gifs do this? It almost crashed my friends Macbook Pro as well.

Since then, I've deleted the file and emptied the trash. I've tried holding down the power button, but it's still the same. The freeze is getting longer, actually...

I also used an app called Clean My Mac. It might've worked. But I really don't know, SINCE IT NOW TAKES FOREVER TO OPEN. Yesterday, a loading bar appeared under the usual loading icon (possibly to reupdate the Mac with the changes Clean My Mac made). It takes forever to load. And eventually, since the macbook pro is set to go to Sleep mode after ~30 minutes, it goes back to sleep. Then I have to open it again, then it loads super slowly once more...vicious cycle.

Today that loading bar disappeared. It was just that loading circle icon. But it's still taking forever. It doesn't want to open.

Okay, I'm done. PLEASE, any help would be much appreciated.
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