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Originally Posted by 5tevie View Post
Is there anything that I can do that will kind of take the iBook right back to how it was just after the OS was installed?
Alas, no. Not without the original re-install disk(s) provided with the machine (which the seller has presumably not supplied you with). OS X didn't have the capability to create a restore partition on the HDD back then (indeed, no OS at the time did).

If the worst came to the worst - the current install became unusable, and you couldn't find the appropriate install disks for a contemporary version of OS X - you could probably find a PowerPC port of a neat little Linux distro to run on it; but - obviously - you want a Mac, not a Linux PC, so that would only be a last-ditch suggestion to stop your purchase being a total waste of money (that said, if you did later find the relevant install media you could always re-install OS X over Linux).

Good luck!

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