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Hi guys,
I know that some of you are now laughing at the very idea of buying one of these old iBooks but I had my reasons, two of which were a mobile match for my Mac Mini and the low price. But there's bad news. The seller has been unreachable since the sale which has thrown up a few issues all by itself.
On the plus side, the 800 mhz G4 iBook running 10.3.9 is in fabulous condition with hardly a mark on it and with a battery that lasts for 5 hours. It has 256 mb of RAM as a base and I have a second 256 stick ready to install. The bad news is that the laptop is registered to the seller and I don't have any passwords that may be needed, software updates for example.
The name registered with the laptop is virtually identical to the seller's eBay name which is about 3 years old so I don't suspect any foul play there. however, that's not my biggest problem. That belongs to Safari.
I can use the icon in the dock to log into Safari and once I had sorted out a connection to our Home network, that side of it was a breeze. The big problem is going anywhere else.
For instance, when I'm on the Google web page and type something into the Search bar, for example, "Firefox", when I click the Search button or click on the ENTER button the screen reverts to my desktop screen and I get a message box saying that "Safari has unexpectedly closed down". This happens no matter what I type in the Search box.
Any thoughts?

The trouble with letting people like me loose on the interweb with a debit card is that I now have the latest Mac Mini Aluminium running at 2.4 GHz with 8 GB of DDR3 RAM, 320 HDD and OS X 10.6.5 all wired up to a 70" LED screen ...... And not the faintest idea of how to use it.
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