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Originally Posted by baggss View Post
I think Schweb and I talked about this at one point after the change was instituted, but I think he decided it was fine as it was and left it. I'm just opting for more choice for the members here is all, but if the consensus is that it should be left as it is, then so be it.

That being said though, I do find it odd that the staff/owners chose to give us a new skin (change for the sake of change....and make it the default one too...yes I know it can be changed) but are not willing to give the members a simple option like custom titles. The Glacial entity always knows best....
Volunteers make the decisions here - they put in the time, and they play the largest part in carrying the site forward. Community asked for the redesign for a long time, and the old skin was very dated. Staying trendy and relevant could be considered important for a site focused solely on a trendy and relevant brand. I wouldn't consider it accurate to place a comparison between design and layout of the entire site, and custom user titles.

My opinion here is nothing more than an opinion though - its the members who make up the volunteer staff here that determine how the site is run and what is instituted for the community. I may make suggestions, but my responsibility here is understanding what staff here wants and ensuring they are supported well. Their responsibility is ensuring they consider what is best for the community, and ensuring their needs are communicated as appropriate - they are best suited for that job.

The glacial entity has nothing to do with this decision, except we'll trust and support what the staff believes to be best for the community.

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