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Last year, I managed to spill coffee on my Macbook pro 15 inch - we were moving at work, and everything was unorganized, and the coffee machine didn't work, so I had bought a huge cappuccino around the corner. I guess all the milk and sugar didn't exactly help - and my laptop died instantly. My boss gave me his old laptop - It's a macbook pro 15 inch, but much older and not unibody - i think from 2009 - 2,5 ghz intel core 2 duo and 4 GB ram. it says its a macbook pro 4,1 in the "about this computer" window. Now, this laptop works ok, except there are some dead pixels on the screen, it gets really hot, and internet is super slow if it works at all. In December last year, I bought a new Macbook pro unibody, but once again - despite me normally not drinking while working on the computer anymore - one night i managed to spill a glass of wine on it, and I had lost my second macbook pro in half a year. thats almost 4000 euro down the drain due to my clumsiness. i took the drunk laptop to the repair guy - this time i turned it off right away and didnt try to turn it on - i learned from last time. but once again, there was no way of saving it. some had spilled on the logic board (it looked like ONE of those tiny diodes or squares or what ever they are called was hit, and had something that looked like tiny grey hairs on it. the guy thought the part where the power goes in might be broken too - although the mac did charge when plugged in. he tried to turn it on, and he heard two ticks - i guess that was the laptop short circuiting, because it was dead afterwards. the black part leading to the lcd(?) or screen was also wet, but the cpu, ram, hard drive etc allegedly still works.

My question is - is it possible to combine the laptops somehow? i would like to use the hard drive of my new laptop, and the airport card (if it is a card).. don't know about adding ram, if it uses the same type? is it possible to put everything in the unibody? i am guessing not since the motherboard is different... I could probably get my hands on the first liquid victim as well - i am not sure if the part that goes to the screen got wet on that one..

I am not expecting this to work, but there has to be some way I can use at least some of the parts that actually work..

sorry if the questions are a bit strange, i have built computers before, so i understand the basics, but ive never opened an apple laptop, simply because i never needed to before, and they are so expensive i never dared to.

hopefully someone knows more than me here!
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