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Originally Posted by IvanLasston View Post
There is also better snap tool - made by the same guy that does better touch tool - $1.99 in the app store - helps support better touch tool. It allows snapping, move/resize with modifer-keys, and actions added to the buttons/titlebar - including restore old size. (May not help if you are having trouble with BTT forgetting size - but it is in there)

If the Apple script is working - great - just trying to get some support for Better Touch Tool as it is a great program, and better snap tool is a bargin at $1.99.
Mac App Store - BetterSnapTool
Thanks. I actually bought that off the app store when I first bought my mac a couple of months back but I couldn't figure out what the difference is between Better Touch Tool and Better Snap Tool (i have both). I only run Better Touch Tool since it does all the stuff that Better Snap Tool does.

It is an amazingly awesome program though. The way I've been able to customize the trackpad has made a world of difference.
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