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Ok, so I made the switch from the magic mouse (which I loved) to the trackpad (which I REALLY love). BetterTouchTool has made the trackpad unbelievably, amazingly useful. One thing though that I can't get right is the "return window to original size" function.

Basically, I have a 3 finger swipe up to maximize the window and 3 fingers down is supposed to bring it back to the original size. Problem is I switch through windows a lot so I think once you leave that page it forgets the original size.

To make a long story short, is there a way to set Automator or Applescript to resize windows to a specific size? I could replace the 3 finger swipe with the applescript and I'd be golden. I'm looking to do this universally, if possible....but otherwise the main programs I need it for are safari, finder and iTunes.
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