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Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
Physical possession of the software doesn't make it any more legal. You are licensed on a per machine basis. And your friend, despite being a developer, doesn't have the right to transfer a license to you. Also note, that we don't discuss illegal activity on this forum, so no need for any more discussion of the topic.

Regardless, you probably don't need to reinstall the OS in order to repartition for Boot Camp. What troubleshooting steps have you taken to date with the current install? Many times, a simple defragmentation or disk repair is all that is needed to get it to work. You could also clone the existing drive to an external and then format the internal drive and clone it back.
I have tried to defrag and it would not because of an error on the disk (I believe a broken file), I backed up my drive to reformat but everything I encounter seems to require me to boot off of my cd's which are currently unavailable to me at this time (back at my families house which is several hours away) hence trying to use the image of what should be a valid disk. If I get my orignal disk (or buy a copy of snow leopard from apple) will the machine boot properly, or is there anything else that could be preventing my machine from booting up on a different drive incorrectly?
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