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Sorry chaps...took longer than where were we?

@pendlewitch - Cleared out all mail boxes, although I don't use the one that is on the dock, but 90% were just text with few attachments.
The bulk of CS4 files, with 100s of picss, are stored on mem stick/drop box. The one folder I have on the desk top contains about 50 ID documents, but they have minimal content and are text only.

@mrplow - To be honest there was little to clear out so no real extra space created. I did download Onyx but it will not open, says something about not supported on this architecture.

One more thing [sounds like a naughty schoolboy], I did fiddle around with the coding numbers in the Internet network area about a year ago, but to be honest it made little difference and even before I battered my system with a 100,000,000 key strokes and then some, it was always sluggish, including CS4, especially where tints and pics are involved.
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