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Originally Posted by McYukon View Post
That problem only arises when you modify a code signed Application. By changing the icon, editing it's internals, etc.
On a clean, freshly installed iTunes version and other software as well this problem does not arise unless you change icons, etc.

This is why I'm annoyed with Skype, they take it to a even more extreme level with Skype 5. Change anything, anything at all in it's icon appearances, and it will refuse to launch because it can't verify itself anymore.
Well, then this makes it even more peculiar, because I never made any kind of changes to the apps / icons / you mention in your reply.

The picture talks about printerAgent - I don't even know this app, have never seen it or changed it...this is so bizarre...I can't even find it in my directory...I simply safe listed a similar one just in case: "com.hp.printerAgent.plist"
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