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My wife got the Vapor Comp in red and I got the Vapor Pro white edition. The Comp packaging is like you would see on an accessory hanger at the store while the Pro came in a nice box with a carrying case as well.

My first impression is that they really look nice and they are pretty light. The quality seems to be there. The Vapor Comp fits perfectly, but the Vapor Pro was a little snug. The Comp came with a silver blackish screwdriver and the Pro came with a silver screw driver. The screws on the Comp are shorter and wider, while the screws on the Pro are longer and thinner so the screw drivers are not interchangeable. There is no obvious sign of signal or GPS lost on either case on the iPhone 4 or 4s.

I decided not to use the back covers or the clear front ones, since I feel that it takes away from the design of the iPhone. My only issue is that the Vapor Pro makes the phone a little wider to grip so that is something to get used too.

Now for the pictures. My wife is the black iPhone 4 and mine is the white iPhone 4s.

Vapor Comp in red

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