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Originally Posted by harryb2448 View Post
G'day and welcome to the forums.

When you say you have run Disk Utility, did you do this by booting from the system install disc and running Repair Disk from there? Next question is the hard drive too full as it requires some 15% to work at anywhere near peak efficiency?
When I ran the DIsk Utility it wasn't run from the disk, would this make a difference? There is a possibility that the hard drive is fairly full, this was my reason in buying the Lacie external and moving files / photos etc.

Firstly how and what should I be deleting to free up memory space?
Secondly how can I complete a Disk Utility repair from the Install disk. If i load the Leopard Install disk the drive seems to recognise the disk but I can't access anything to prompt the Mac to complete a new install or a completely new Disk Utility.

I feel like its kinda like a revolving problem, I suppose it needs lateral thinking and some advice as to what to do first.

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