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I saved up money for a couple months hoping to buy a MacBook Pro.
Ill probably use it mostly for basic browsing, music, rarely online games, nothing too heavy like photoshop or video editing, im just gunna use it like I would use my PC. I might take it to school, im not in college, still a senior, but I will be going next year. I mostly stay home tho, so I might use it as a full time desktop, or half time at least. Right now I was looking at Refurbished MacBook Pro 2.0GHz quad-core Intel i7 - Apple Store (U.S.) but I feel like I dont really need a quad-core i7 for what im going to do, but I also couldnt really find anything cheaper, like a Mid 2010. Thats the cheapest best thing I found, im not sure if I should get that, or keep looking for a mid-2010 dual core i5 for around 1000. Any help would be appreciated, thanks alot guys
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