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thanks guys.. im stupid.. it was indeed the tr and sed.. i copied and pasted the code. and the ^I(tabs) got transformed to single spaces.

Silly of me. Sorry to waste you guys time..

its working perfectly now.

However i was thinking of refining it some more. i was thinking of making the output of the txt scrollable ie. print lines 0-10, then 11-21 ,.. and so on .. until end of file is reached.
the code is working on command line (see below) but when i call the script in the geektool, it doesnt show anything. any recommendations?


localhost:geeklets root# cat

typeset -i start=1
end=`wc -l test.txt|awk -F" " '{print $1}'`
typeset -i end1=$start+10
echo $start $end $end1

while [[ $start -lt $end ]]; do
str="'${start},${end1}p' test.txt"
echo "sed -n $str"|/bin/ksh
sleep 1
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