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We upgraded 300 MBP's to 10.6.8 and now we have sporatic freezing issues when opening the lid to their computers. Seems to be if safari or mail is open when they close and reopen their lid to their computer. Anyone know of a fix to this? I created a new image with 10.6.7 and set up the way I want and it is stable but the users are already at 10.6.8. I moved a user back to 10.6.7 and iphoto couldn't open the iphoto library cause it upgraded the database to accomidate 10.6.8. Anyone know how to move back to 10.6.7 iphoto? Yes I can pull the photo's in manually but it looses the alums created etc. There seems to be a lot of jabber about freezing and 10.6.8 but nothing definite.
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