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I am a Mac novice. Today I hooked up a new widescreen monitor & set the resolution to the recommended setting. I also did some other tweaking to get the image to fit the wider screen.

Now, the menu bar @ the top of the screen (I think that's the name of it, the one w/ the Apple icon) is too wide. All I can see @ the far right is the bluetooth symbol, one that looks like a clock w/ an back arrow circling it and only half of the wireless icon. Everything to the right of that is beyond the edge of the viewing area.

Also the dock is no longer centered. The right end is touching the right edge of the screen, there is approx. an inch of black between the left end of the dock & the edge of the screen.

Additionally, the size of the text in both the menu and bookmark bars is much smaller than w/ my previous monitor. How can I increase the size of the text?

All suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks.
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