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Originally Posted by I.M.O.G. View Post
Working on the subnav thing as well, it is one of the priorities I noted as well - the dropdown works, but I like directly clicking. When you spend all day or multiple hours on a site, which many people do, it really stands out how much more convenient it is to point and click rather than hover point click.
That is good to hear. I use the Get New/New Post feature very often and I completely agree about the convenience. The requirement to hover isn't as convenient if a person uses the button as often as I do.

Originally Posted by lifeisabeach View Post
It's also a bit too "white" all around. Perhaps a soft gradient could be used as a background for the sections to "float" on top of. White floating on white just doesn't work. And the spacing…. everything takes up twice as much space. Just browsing through a forum category takes twice as long now.
I also agree with both points. White on white makes it extremely bright to look at. It does look pretty but I don't know if I want to look at it for long periods when reading the forum. The background can be white but I do think the floating white part should be a darker color. It could still be a light color since I dislike forums that uses black backgrounds but please just don't use white on white.

The spacing also seems rather excessive. I've already forgotten what the spacing on the old design looked like so I can't remember the exact difference except that now one person's reply can take up almost my full screen.

I also miss the centering of the reply text box section when I type a reply like in the old design. The new design has the reply box all the way to the left causing me to constantly turn my head to the left.

Overall I do like the new forum so hopefully you don't get the wrong impression from my reply. As others have also mentioned there seems to be a only few minor changes to make it a better forum design.
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