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Thanks for the insight guys. I've run AV searches twice on each machine with different programs and nothing turned up other than routine - and annoying -tracking cookies. Frankly, it's the method employed by Comcast that bugs me. They send people (and LOT of people are getting these e-mails) this "armageddon" e-mail about bots but don't provide any contact information other than a link to their website . . that invites you download a bunch Norton and Xfinity software. I would think that if they really thought that my machines were getting hit with viruses and bots that are jamming up their network, their tekkies would call me and walk me through it. Instead I get a "download Norton" invitation. No wonder people think these e-mails are spam.

And they are, in part. I have no doubt Comcast found something that tripwired their sensors. But it's the way they approach the solution that reeks of a marketing ploy. There are a slew of discussions on the Comcast boards on this topic.
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