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I have a rather strange conflict when surfing the internet from home.

No matter what website I go to, I'll find that anywhere from between 1/3 to 2/3rds of the images or video on any given page refuse to load. If I attempt to right-click on any to open in a new tab, or if I view my browser's activity, I receive your average "Safari can't find the server." page.

However, it also does this for websites that I know are completely accessible. Google, YouTube, Facebook, just as examples. One second I'll be on the website, the next it can't find the server. Or one second it says that it can't find the server, and when I refresh a few times, it shows up fine, or shows up with the broken images and videos.

And it's not just Safari that does this. Google Chrome, Firefox, and Camino also do it as well. The only browser that I've found that seems to bypass this problem is Opera, however I'm not terribly fond of Opera and would prefer to use Google Chrome or Safari.

Here's the clincher: It only has this problem in two places: My apartment, and the home of my grandparents. If I go anywhere else, from my campus to a friend's house, it's just fine and I don't get these errors. And if a friend connects to my internet at home, they don't get these errors either.

I would be super delighted if any of you knew what would cause this problem, and/or how to fix it, since no one I know seems to know what on earth it could be.

I am currently running: Mac OS X 10.6 on a 2.53 GHz MacBook Pro. It's from 2009, so it is of the aluminum build, and this is the first actual problem I've had with it thus far.

If any of you happen to know the answer to this problem right off the bat, then you're more than welcome to hit me up on Skype, but I will continue to keep this tab open in my browser and check back often.

Thank you!
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