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I have an IMac (love it!) linked to a Linksys router. WPA-2 protection, 25 character random password. 1 Ipad and 2 PC notebooks linked to the network.

So I get an e-mail from my friends at Comcast internet last nite telling me that I may have a "bot" and to hit the attached link to fix it. I call Comcast and they say its legit and that they detected a "Backdoor PHP" virus. Can't tell me which computer. So I hit the link and its an invitation to download Comcast's version of Norton anti-virus.

My virus scans on my PC's turn up nada. But Comcast/Norton DOES offer a free virus protection program for Macs that they encourage me to download.

I've done my share of searches on here and I understand that its a longshot that my Mac is infected. And I've had my battles with Norton's PC stuff in the past and ended up un-installing it..

So my question is . . . anybody dealt with this before? Would you download Norton for MAC even if its free? Anybody heard of a "bot" infecting a Mac?
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