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Thanks for the info.

My PB has a 1.25 processor and 1.5GB RAM. I can increase it to 2GB max, will the extra .5 be worth doing?

I've been using it over the weekend and it will be mostly fine for its primary purpose of a web browser and word processor. I don't want to load it up with music and photo files, although it would be nice to get You Tube working better. I found a link to which seems to have helped a bit.

Is it worth me buying the 1GB RAM though?

As a Mac newbie I think the idea of having the PB over a basic windows based laptop or netbook (my original plan) will help me get used to the Mini Mac too, which is going to be my main computer. I also don't have to worry about viruses etc., which seem to have affected every Windows computer I've had so far! Even a new work laptop became very slow after about a year of 'normal' use.
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