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Ivan, thank you. TeamViewer looks like a good piece of software.
As does CyberDuck, thank you vansmith.

Thank you both.

It appears as though I'd be able to use either, to perform the actions that I'd like to.
In the end, I probably will.


Now, port forwarding.

-I changed my router's settings from a Dynamic to a Static IP.
-I then opened port 22.
-Start 22/End 22.
-I wasn't able to adjust the router's firewall just yet, that can be done later.
-Or can it? Does the SSH port need to be redirected to my NetGear's embedded firewall... in order to function as a tunnel?


So let's say that what was needed to be done - in order for my computer to be accessed remotely, has been done.

How would "ssh -p 10888" be accessed from my buddy's Windows machine? Without Bash. Where would that be entered?

Some file finder?

Would he need to download specific software in order to reach this address?


Thank you all for you help.

Go Deep.
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