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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Water is always your first best choice. If you need something "stronger"...then you can try using a very small amount of soap (liquid dish soap is a good choice). I would almost NEVER suggest any kind of alcohol...and I would NEVER suggest "dumping" everything in it!

99% alcohol would be even worse than 70%...since 99% alcohol is more concentrated...and would do more damage more quickly. I'm not saying that using alcohol to clean cannot (in rare circumstances) be a ok to use...but it's usually not a good idea to use alcohol on plastic, rubber, epoxy coated surfaces. Surfaces like glass or metal can be cleaned with alcohol (if absolutely necessary)...but even then I would suggest water or water + soap first.

Most people don't need to clean motherboards/logic boards. Usually that just get dusty or fuzzy with dust/ a shot of compressed air is usually all that's needed. BUt if some sort of spot cleaning is necessary...a Q-tip is one of the best things to get into tight areas...even though the cotton fibers can get caught on things.

The "name of the game" is NOT to need to clean a motherboard due to spills!!!

- Nick
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