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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Hey...we're just having a friendly discussion no worries!

I only wanted to mention that using alcohol in a manner mentioned in this thread was pretty darn risky! The bottom line is...the MacBook is working. Whether the cleaning contributed to this...or simply drying it out & getting rid of all water may have done it as well.

Good luck...hopefully the MacBook continues to operate...and operate normally. Please keep us updated on it's condition. We usually don't hear too many positive stories after liquid spills.

- Nick
Ya, Im only appreciating the responses because I thought I was pretty tech savvy as I always have built my PC's and done my own repairs but with Desktops I never worried about liquid spills and such, (this MacBook Pro was my first laptop ever and I got it for first year of college, boy was it surprising to everyone I got a Mac because I always showed such hate for them, but .... I .... sorta .... ugh, love my macbook )

I cant believe how badly I messed up with panicking and trying to turn it's just that I stupidly had no back-ups and the data on here is my life since.

If everything works out then Im happy this happened as its been a very good learning experience.

I also added stuff to the post before yours, if you could advise on those questions I would be much grateful.

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