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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
"Dumping" everything in 70% isopropyl alcohol can affect more than just the thermal paste on the heat sink. It wasn't a very good idea...and could potentially have (or did) cause more damage than good.

If you wanted to "clean" should have just used water...and then dried everything completely before use. Alcohol is a solvent...and "melts/dissolves" almost anything that is plastic or epoxy-based...which there is a lot of in computers.

Motherboards (or logic boards) are coated in a layer of resin/epoxy which helps to protect the delicate pathways between components from physical damage (scratches) and exposure to the atmosphere (oxidation).

By "dumping" the logic board into 70% isopropyl may have dissolved some of this protective coating...and you could have damaged anything that is "plastic-based" on the motherboard/logic board.

- Nick

p.s. In post #1 you mentioned that a SOLO cup of water was the liquid that was spilled. You also mentioned something about "liquid goo". A water spill would not have caused any "liquid goo" to form. This "liquid goo" could have been the result of exposing everything to the isopropyl alcohol...since the alcohol could have "melted/dissolved" something...causing the "liquid goo" to form.
Looks like Ill be keeping my new macbook just in case

And for the P.S. I was thinking the SAME exact thing, I admit I opened it up before bringing to Apple store and I dont recall the residue being there but it most likely was because it wasn't dried yet. Then they showed me it when I went in to pick it up. I know for a fact it was water that was spilled and I opened it up only to tilt it on the side so air could get in and dry it. The "goo" is now gone after cleaning it however. But ya, Apple "Genius" pointed to the Mag-Safe DC-IN jack and said it was corrosion from liquid spill

EDIT: So next time (I don't know why I am predicting there will be a next time) I should clean it with just plain water? How about distilled water? Or how about 99% isopropyl (picture is MB in 99%)? And any reccomendations on how to wipe motherboards down? Q-Tips and cotton balls are horrible cause it leaves strains of cotton that get caught on the "chips" or whatever.

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