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I posted in the official I spilled liquid but I thought I would put a post up since I assume people wont look there unless they have the same issue (Here's the story quoted from my other post)

Thought I would share my story with you guys since it seems I am the luckiest person in the world.

First off I was having worst luck lately (crashed car, gf broke up with me, university messing my classes up, 2 year old nephew pooped in my bed-put it outside to bleach-it rained-matress ruined) and then 5 days ago I was looking for something on my bed and there was a SOLO cup full of water on my bed...just someone (maybe me) decided it was a good idea to balance in on the bed. My macbook was there, plugged in, shut, in sleep mode. Well a bit later I noticed my bed was soaking.....

Opened macbook, pressed power button...Caps Lock button goes green but no start, press power AGAIN, same thing...plug into charger again and press power, bam....hear clicking from the macbook.

Tried to play stupid with Apple store but obviously they could tell and boy did I put up a fight with them. My macbook was Early 2011 15", I got quoted $1250 to fix it. Ended up buying a new Macbook 15".....

Hard-drive on my other one was fine, so I transfered all my data fine to my new macbook....well about 8 hours ago I was searching on ebay and getting ready to try out one of these repair people....but I decided to open my old macbook up and take a closer look...thought, what the ****, apple marked it as water damaged so no warranty and its probably fried....

Took the logic board out, and the DC adapter (which clearly showed some liquid goo) out, dumped them in isopropyl 70% and switched on my electronic tooth brush and went around the whole board, I blew on it to dry it...plugged everything back in....and tada!

Everything is working...for now.

Any opinions on if it'll last? Wondering if I should keep my new MacBook Pro, I mostly use it for gaming and my new one has the 1GB video memory compared to my old 256mb.

(I really hope this is a sign of my luck turning around!.....or I just jinxed it? )
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