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I also still have my old PowerBook G4 and use it occasionally. It can be used for the task you are thinking of. I don't use it for any heavy usage but simple things like surfing the internet can easily be done.

Originally Posted by Mightyquin View Post
Why shouldn't I use Safari? I was checking it out last night browsing with Safari, seemed OK. Did find that video content like You Tube is a bit of a problem though, not always running smoothly (but that could be down to using a dongle for BBand).
In addition to what lifeisabeach said, not having the lastest version of a web browser also means you don't have the current security updates. It's been awhile since I've used my PowerBook but I think the only two web browsers that still support Leopard on a PowerBook (PowerPC) with current updates are Camino and Opera.

I don't believe you can use the latest version of Firefox and Chrome is for Intel Macs only and not PowerPC Macs. If you didn't know Camino is basically a Mac only version of Firefox so it runs very similar to Firefox when browsing the web. I recommend at least trying it out.

As for the problem you're experience with YouTube that comes down to a combination of your video card, how much RAM you have, and your computer's processing power. Flash videos can be demanding on your computer. If your Mac Mini plays video okay then it's not your internet speed. If you haven't maxed your RAM you might want to think about doing that if you are planning on keeping your PowerBook for awhile.
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