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My old PC started playing up and I recently bought a new/old stock Mac Mini 2009 model. I had thought of converting to a laptop but do a lot of photography and need a large screen anyway.

Long story short, I thought I'd buy a s/h laptop just for web surfing when I don't want to be tied to the desktop (mostly at home just in other rooms).

I passed a shop yesterday and saw a Mac laptop, turns out its a Powerbook G4. I knew it was an older model but it had Leopard and updated itunes so I thought it'd do the job.

Just doing some research and now I'm worried I've bought something that's not going to suit. The alternative for me is a Windows laptop or netbook.

My Apple knowledge is really minimal - still a newbie. I'm not techy either, just know how to use computers!

Do I try to return the Powerbook at the weekend and get a more up to date Windows laptop, or is a Powerbook still a capable machine for web browsing, typing up the odd document, and maybe watching DVD's? (I'll use the Mini for any heavier applications like Photoshop and Itunes etc), and helpful to use the same/similar systems.

Advice appreciated.
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