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Okay, thanks for your advice everyone, how long do you think this pro will be good for before I should need to replace it? I wanted to max out the RAM to 8gb and the HDD to 1tb (possibly) and make it my main machine in hopes that it will run whatever I throw at it. I do light programming (atm) and light gaming, as well as heavy photo editing using Aperture, and in the summer a little bit of movie making (possibly with final cut pro X if i'm able to get it). Is it worth spending the extra $$$ on to upgrade it? Currently I have a Core Duo polycarbonate macbook 2Ghz and I feel that it's starting to fall apart a little on me (bezels are wanting to crack every where), it can't support enough RAM (I maxed it out at 2gb) it can't run lion which I would like with launch pad and i cloud, and worst of all it gets hot, the cores act up, the fans scream and it starts to lag. It does this even when playing mine craft (basic building, no explosions lots of general roaming around) My point is I feel that soon it won't be supported by anything and will become a pia to use for what I need it to do. I don't want to be in this situation by next year after getting another machine esp since I haven't had my current machine for a year. Can I go at least another two years if I got the C2D?

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