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I have my MacBook Pro (Early 2011 15" - MC721LL/A - MacBookPro8,2) up for sale on CL because I wanted to buy the newer version which has the 2.2GHz processor.

I have had it up for sale for awhile now and dropped the price to the point where I just want to keep it. I do have a person who wants to do a straight up trade with me for his MacBook Air (Mid-2011 - BTO/CTO - MacBookAir4,2) This is the MC965LL/A but with the 1.8GHz processor versus the 1.7. He says it's brand new and has three years of Apple care on it (Which I confirmed).

I use my MacBook for my everyday laptop, to sync all my iDevices, photoshop for iPhone theming, picture editing and some video editing. Honestly I edit very little video but encode a lot but I use my PC desktop for that. Are there things that this MacBook Air cannot do that my current laptop can?

I do not game on my MacBook though I would if there something compelling for me to play. Can one play games on the MacBook Air? Will I have to keep most of my music on an external HD? Is this going to be a hassle as far dealing iTunes libraries?

I guess I am just scared that if I trade it I will regret having 500GB of space and being able to do most anything a desktop can.

I value any input. This guy wants to trade tonight or tomorrow. What should I do.....
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