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Hello everyone, its my first post -> decided to join, since google reidrects me here most of the time anyway

I just got a macbook pro 2011 couple months ago -> i'm sailing from windows/ubuntu world. Although, I really love Mac OS X and my new laptop, but xCode feels really awkward (to say the least)...looks really nice though.

So, i have several issues i can't wrap my head around.

1. I want to run commands like "make". The forums and google revealed a general response -> install xcode. Well, I have (4.2.1), but when i run "make" or "make all", this is the output:
-bash: make: command not found

2. I created a command line C++ project with xcode, did my stuff, the next day when I open a myApp.xcodeproj , a window pops out with "No Editor"...where did the nice IDE I used a day ago went to? Like the directory navigator, debug area and all the other nice features?

That is all i have for now, sorry if its nooby question...but i am n00b with mac

Thank you in advance
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