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i bought an used imac g3 indigo 350 mhz some days ago. it worked fine and i didnt find any problem at all ( except for the heating but i thought it was normal for this kind of computers ) today something weird hapened. the crt screen suddently went dark but the mac was still working so i restarted it, nothing apened, then i tried to shut it down and wait and turn it on again. when the mac was starting, something in the screen apered, like a flash, and a noise of something blowing, then computer just shut down himself. i tried to turn it on but the power button didnt do nothing. it started to smell like smoke coming from inside of it so i disconected the power supply ( i was afraid it could explode or something)

Can anyone tell what happened to my imac g3? Is it dead or is there a way to fix it?(sorry for the bad english,but i am portuguese )
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