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Originally Posted by Doug b View Post
I'm going to chime in but with a different issue from aesthetics. At least for now anyway... This has more to do with functionality. I feel like the order in which the fora are laid out, needs a bit of revision.

I kind of understand having the "switcher" forums near the top, but the rest of it makes less sense to me. The way I'd reorder the forum structure would be something like:

OS X Software
iPhone, iPad, iPod
Dev Playground

I realize this may seem like nitpicking at first, but the logic behind this applies to when you think about posting a new topic. And in my experience, I'm more likely to want or need to post a new topic in hardware, Software or iOS before the others.


Originally Posted by cwa107 View Post
I agree - and that's something we can change pretty easily, given consensus amongst the staff.
Can you guys earmark this to follow up separately from the redesign? As cwa107 mentioned, pretty easily changed now or later (changes now will be preserved on the redesign launch), and this does not have to be part of the redesign. Once changed however, we should do so in a "final" sort of approach. Changing homepage organization can be sort of a big deal to the search bots and can impact traffic - that is fine, just not something we want to be finicky with changing on a regular basis. We can tune this up though, I agree.

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