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Originally Posted by DrEwTiMe42o View Post
I belong to tons of forums and one feature that i love when they have it is when they mark( some small smiley size icon or check mark or something) what threads you post in.
Thanks for the input.

This actually exists already! Currently on M-F, threads you have participated in are marked with this icon to the left of the thread title, and if you hover over it there you will be told how many posts you have in the thread:
Old layout:

The new forum layout has this feature as well, but it is more easily readable/noticeable!

To help you and people like you further, here's some further advice:
1. Set your default thread subscription mode option to "no email notification" (if you actually want email notices, then choose one of those options):
2. Check for newly updated threads here (this is the first place I go to every day when I want to check for new stuff, to see which of my threads have gotten responses):
3. Find all threads you have been part of here:

Hope that helps - I was using forums for about 5 years before I realized you could subscribe to threads to make my own participation easier to follow up on. Before I figured out subscribing wasn't going to spam me with email, I was constantly searching for my own posts to see if my threads had been active.

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