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Wondering if you can help me here, this is a weird one for me.

I am not 100% skilled in MAC as being a user for under a year now, but i have noticed something odd.

OSX Lion 10.7.2

If I drag something to my trash bin, it always ask me to enter my password to do this, which quite frankly I find a PITA !

Now, for the last few weeks, I have deleted happilly without having to do this but up until last night when I was working, I finished, shutdown machine and went to bed.

Back to work today, and now I am being asked for the password. This happened a few months ago as well, but stopped doing it.

Anyone any idea what is happening? I do not have a secure empty tick in the box or anything, I just dont want to have to put a password in every time I want to trash a document or photo etc !?!?!?

Thanks in advance.
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