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I am new to Mac (finally crossed over) and loving it! Once you go Mac, you'll never go back! :-)

My question is about backing up.

Currently, I am using Time Machine and loving it so far.

My situation:
1 TB External Drive:

I have about 620GB of music, photo, video, and doc files that I consider "long-term storage." What I mean by this is that I only access the data as needed and do not have them on my Mac. Occassionally, I will add additional files as I collect them and store them.

Time Machine:

I have about 150GB on my Macbook Pro (320GB drive) of files that I use regularly or have not yet transferred to my 1TB external "long-term" drive. This data is currently being backed up to Time Machine on a 500GB external drive that I have.

My external 1TB drive does NOT have a backup. If that drive does belly up, I will lose precious photos, docs, etc. that are irreplaceable. There is not enough space on my MacBook Pro to store them all, so I need to find another source as a secondary backup. Recently, I have purchased another 1TB external drive to use as a secondary backup. What are some good options? Can I use Time Machine to backup my backup? Do I need to partition a drive or both? What I am considering is partitioning one or more of the drives to backup my MacBook Pro using Time Machine, but I also would like to be able to connect BOTH external drives together to backup my backup (long-term files).

I considered purchasing a 1TB SATA drive my for MacBook Pro so that I can have enough space to backup ALL of my files together, but decided against that.

I am not a computer wizard, but an avid user. My external drive is clicking, so I feel it is on its way out right now.

Any suggestions?


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