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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Sorry, is my previous post not showing up for anyone but me or something? I gave you the link to a FREE program that converts any audio format you want into WMA without having to do all the folderol that installing Audacity (which is still buggy as a no-pest strip) requires.

Did I miss something here?
Loud and clear, but if the user happens to be a switcher, sometimes it's better using the "good old reliable" versus having to sit down for an hour and figure out a new program. Plus, I'd expect a windows based program to be good at making windows media files. Ultimately, it's up to the topic poster to choose the program he/she likes, and having options available isn't a bad thing.

I wasn't criticizing your post, in fact, didn't even mention it before, but I still wanted to help. Sorry if I offended you somehow...
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