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Hi guys

This is what im upto i've created
the front-end design however now im looking to integrate php/mysql
and make it database-driven so they can login and edit the site themselves.

Basically i've had problems with dreamweaver wizard accessing the database
even though i setup the tables in phpmyadmin.

So I thought it might be easier to setup the site using a local/network testing server. Im using mac osx 10.3.9 and am not sure how to go about it i know apache server is installed and if i turn on web file sharing i can access my computer via the net. My question is how do i setup a local testing server and create a database/tables.

After all that all i will need to do is upload the site once dreamweaver has written all the php/sql like user authentication and add a connections file with the database details i have.

Thanks in advance.
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