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I'm so confused and frustrated with my Mac right now. I had to re-install my iDVD program. Did so with my original installation disc, and it appeared that everything went fine. I edited a movie in iMovie, and when I was done selecting the chapter menues, hit create iDVD project. It renders all the clips and then starts the iDVD program. When it starts it makes that noise like I clicked something wrong (or like when you trying to type something when there's no way or place to type anything). Anyways, after that sound is made, the little black arrow is underneith the iDVD icon on the finder, and it appears on the bar across the top of the screen, all the menu selections that is. There's the apple on the upper left, then in bold next to it it says iDVD. So I know the program started. Here's the problem: nothing else comes up. There's no window that opens up; basically I cannot edit the dvd menues or anything, that's all that happens. I don't know what going wrong. Can anyone out there help me (and thanks for reading all I wrote)

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